Sunday 11 October 2015

Azores Autumn 2015

 Arrived on Sao Miguel for this autumn's trip to Corvo. Tonight had an Al Fresco (i.e. in the middle of the road) dinner with Dominic and the Birdwatch Reader Group. The group is off to see the Azores Bullfinch and bird the island tomorrow and I'm planning on looking at the local parks and doing a pelagic in the afternoon. 
 35 kilos! The baggage allowance was 23 but luckily they let me off because the end of season plane was only half full. Travelling with copies of the new report.

The 2014 Report.  If you wish to order one please email us at with your name, email and postal address. £10 for UK and €15 euros (inc.P&P). Lots of new features on last years first edition. An extended team this year including Rich Bonser, Pierre-Andre Crochet, Sofia Goulart, Josh Jones,VIncent Legrand, Dominic Mitchell, Darryl Spittle and myself. Aside from my obvious bias- it's a great report, with new layout, new sections, extended systematic list and finders accounts.

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