Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Winter moth?

Moth 1

Moth 2
Put the trap out a couple of nights ago as it was so mild and caught two of these.


Bomber said...

Hi Pete, the rather greyish colour and silky white hindwing would lean me towards Northern Winter Moth. Not a species I'm very familiar with though, it's a real rarity down here and I've only ever seen one! Any idea of status in Surrey? Cheers

Nick Tanner said...

I'd go with Northern Winter Moth,did the wings have a slightly glossy sheen to them? According to Plant, Northern Winter Moth is commoner south of the Thames; it might be worth sending one to Graham Collins for verification

regards Nick Tanner

Peter Alfrey said...

Hi Paul and Nick,
happy new year.
I've added a pic of the 2nd moth (moth 1)that I had which looked browner then moth 2.
Could they be Southern and Northern?
Cheers Peter

Bomber said...

Hi Pete, having now seen Moth 1 I'm certain that we have Northern Winter and Winter here. I was concerned that the perceived greyish colour was photographic effect but don't now think that can be the case. Would entirely concur with Nick, always worth finding a local expert to check the actual specimen, can be tricky to do some species from a photo.
Cheers Paul

Peter Alfrey said...

Brilliant stuff,
that's two new moth ticks in mid winter.