Friday, 20 January 2012

Mystery Teal

Derek found this duck at Waddon Ponds. Not sure what it is?


Graham James said...

Not 100 per cent sure Peter, but bill pattern looks good for Speckled Teal (aka Chilean Teal or Sharp-winged Teal).

Peter Alfrey said...

The bill pattern does look good for Speckled Teal but the plumage is more grey and contrasting with a prominent green speculum area on that species. I was wondering if it could be a hybrid with something like Speckled Teal or Yellow-billed Pintail?

David Campbell said...

It was reported on the Croydon Birders site as a Yellow-billed Pintail a month or so ago

Falklandbirder said...

I see Speckled Teal & Yellow Billed Pintail all the time here in the Falkland Islands and I can tell you that it is neither of these species.


Alan Henry

Peter Alfrey said...

how about a hybrid?

Falklandbirder said...

It is possible it is a hybrid.send me your email and I will send you a paper on the only know occurance of Speckeld teal/Yellow Billed Pintail hybrid know from the Falkland Islands.