Monday, 13 December 2010

Day 9- Shipka in the snow

It started snowing today so we just went for a short walk to the Shipka Monastery (pic 1). We had a Middle Spotted Woodpecker which goes on the trip pecker list along with Great Spotted, Lesser Spotted, White-backed, Green, Grey-headed (pic 4 from Saturday) and Syrian. I've also had Black at the monastery in the past. Three-toed is the only one I need for Bulgaria now and they occur in the mountains- one for next time.


wolfy said...

so beautiful! thank you

Graham James said...

I'd be happy to see a Lesser Spot this year, Peter!

Peter Alfrey said...

Such a beautiful place wolfy. Eastern Europe has a real fairy tale world thing going on.

Lesser pecker is one of the best Graham- I havent seen one in the Uk in years so great to see one out there.