Wednesday 13 October 2010


Cedar Waxwing (Pierre-Andre Crochet)
Pierre, as usual, was still birding hard while the rest of us had made our way back to the guesthouse. He was at the top of village hill and called us to say he had re-discovered the waxwing sp. that he had found two days ago. It was a Cedar Waxwing. There was little hope of us making it to him as it was getting dark so we started scanning the top of the hill from the guesthouse- a distance of about half a kilometer. At sixty times we could see a small grey shape being mobbed by a Grey Wagtail and Pierre (10 meters from the bird) confirmed that this was the bird. It then flew up and for those who didn't get to see the grey speck in the scope at 60x then had a chance of getting on to it as it flew up high and over the hill. Those of us who decided we had seen a bird and not a speck of dust on the objective lens, started cheering! Let's hope we see it again.

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