Saturday, 22 September 2018

The People's March for Wildlife

Just in case you are not sick to death of this (literally not vomiting) here's another post about it to get you gagging.

Had a great day, travelled up with Tomos, Roger and Molly and met Sue, Andrew and Maeve and the Green Party up there. What with the manifesto to give some substance to all this, up to 10,000 people turning up and having a laugh today- hats off to Packham and Co for pulling this off.

I generally have deep reservations about the value of these kind of events but I did decide today that it is useful to remember that after we all go home back to our stations, fighting our own little wars, defending our own patches, loosing battle after battle, getting completely turned over and destroyed day after day, we are all  still part of a 10,000 strong army, albiet one that is spread out widely. Viridor only have 3000 employees. If there was some way of co-ordinating the people's conservation army into all focusing on one target at a time- the Capitalists would not stand a chance.

I just have to work out how we can get that focus on one occasion to be on Beddington Farmlands. That is how we will defeat the Viridor-Sutton Council axis against nature.

 Me and Sian Berry, Green Party Co-leader . Always wanted to meet this inspiring lady- highlight of the day. 
Left to right: Andrew, Sue, Cretin, Sian Berry and Caroline Lucas 
 The rozzers reckoned 10000 people on the march 
 Despite the rain


Chris Townend (aka Jaffa) said...

Nice one Pete - Could to hear you sounding more positive and good use of the word Rozzers!

Peter Alfrey said...

I'd rather see those rozzers dragging us all off the blockade of the incinerator but like everyone's saying- this is just the beginning. I'm only positive cuz I've seen the potential for some serious action. I hope I can rely on you to slaughter yourself for the cause when the time comes- we can get dragged off together.