Saturday, 15 September 2018

Autumn bits

Things have been ticking along this week. Finally managed to get in the field this morning following a 45 hour work stint in the last three days. There were a few bits at the farmlands including the first Willow Emeralds of the year along the permitted path (I had 3) and the other guys had Blackwit and Greenshank. Here's a few pics from last few days.

 Chiffchaff- quite a few of these along the path 
 Willow Emerald Damselfly - word of the day is pruniosity. Willow Emeralds have a metallic green body without a bluish bloom (or pruniosity). 
 L-album Wainscot- a first for year (if I remember correctly- it's all blurring into one long session) 
 Black Rustic- first for the year (I'm pretty sure that this is a first for year) 
 Small China Mark- after only recording this following efforts to set up a summer trap by the lakes I now get one of these at the light trap negating any value in the effort I put in by the lakes this summer- as the old adage goes- hard work seldom pays off. 
 Short-cloaked moth 
 I've gone for Ancylosis oblitella on this 
What a triplet- Dewick's Plusia, Sallow and Ruby Tiger 

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