Friday, 21 September 2018


Ahead of tomorrow's People's Walk for Wildlife, Packham's team have produced this which is full of good ideas. 

Download full document HERE

Here's a concise version with the proposals stripped out 

So we've got at least three high profile proposal documents from the last few years that could form the basis for some kind of political manifesto for wildlife.
1) This one above from the people
2) This one the Conservation NGOs HERE
3) and the one from a conservation youth movement AFON which seems to have disappeared off the internet

So the eternal self consuming and regurgitating cycle and continuous repetition of conservation ideas over generations continues- hopefully eventually will all end up in some kind of stable political manifesto within a future nature friendly political system. One can only imagine how little wildlife will be left by the time we all get there. We haven't even finalised the master plan yet before we even start the full on attack on established power. I give it 20 years at least, and in between the darkest tyranny the world has ever seen will descend on us all- the Capitalists Apocalypse. Get your boiler suits ready! 

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