Sunday, 9 September 2018

Scratching around

Been full on with work last week. In addition to looking at 25 commercial jobs this week with Steve and up dating all our business web spaces also currently involved in the process of finalising two papers for Dutch Birding, getting the 2015 Azores Rare Bird Report off to the printers ready for this Corvo season, getting the 2017 Beddington Report completed, putting together a protest piece ready for Packham's People's Walk for Wildlife in a couple of weeks time and been trying to get in the field to actually do some birding and nature recording. Up graded my noc-migging gear with a new memory card so that I can record all night too but not sure where I'm going to find the time to do that too in addition to the daily moth recording. We also had the Azores Pelagic running last week- another great success with 3 Swinhoe's recorded. 

I pride myself on obsessive efficient time management, stripping out as much bullshit as possible and careful co-ordination in order to achieve the most important objective of them all- getting in the field and looking for megas. I think something is beginning to crack! I can feel a week away birding coming on to get away from all this. 

Anyway, the end result of being snowed under with work is I haven't got in the field much. Here's some marginally interesting bits I've scratched together in the last few days.

 Interesting looking pale Common Buzzard over Otmoor today 
 Crocidomesa plebejana- at Beddington in the week 
 Ingrailed Clay- a new one for me at Beddington. It's a Brick- cheers Stewart!
Aproaerema anthyllidella- another new one for me and only the second for Beddington Farmlands 
Recording 'The Royal Society for the Protection of Big Business' in the week 


Stewart said...

Peter, your Ingrailed Clay is a Brick.

Peter Alfrey said...

Cheers Stewart- I did consult a local expert on that one, will get another opinion from someone else- its a local important record so better do the proper validation work. Thanks a lot!

Stewart said...

Youre welcome...