Monday, 3 September 2018

Local Magic

 A great little day at the farmlands (thanks for Roger for finding nearly everything!) :

 2 Black Tern on the North Lake (juvenile top two pics and adult other two pics) 

 Juvenile Black-tailed Godwit on 100 acre
 Juvenile Spotted Redshank (above and below) on 100 acre 

 Also 3 Common Sandpiper (above), 2 Green Sandpiper, 5 Snipe but only 3-4 Lapwing (below)  across the whole site 

 This juvenile large white-headed Gull stood out, quite Caspian like in structure but several features not right including the large proportion of white in the coverts. Possibly an integrade (i.e. what we dub a Caspo or Caspian-type) 
 At least 10-15 Common Buzzards kettling up and moving around today. Also two Red Kite (below) and 2-3 Sparrowhawk 

 Up to 50 Stock Dove on the 'wet grassland area'. Not many landbird migrants today apart from a passage of Swallows. A couple of Sedge Warbler in the Willowherbs, the odd Grey Wagtail going over and a few Willow/Chiffs along the edge. 
 Painted Lady on the mound (possibly the first for year at the farmlands) 
 Small Heath- not a common local butterfly. Also Meadow Brown, Speckled Wood, Holly Blue, a couple of Small Tortoiseshell and Small White today. At least 15 Migrant Hakwers around and 10+ Common Darter. 
A few bits in the moth trap last night- dominated again by Vine's and Sqaure-spot Rustic. This Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix is the first for year. Also two more Ancylosis oblitella. 
Another first for year- a Cockatiel. We haven't had many escaped species this year so good to get something for this year's escape list 


Arjun Dutta said...

Yellow Wagtail flew over the farmlands this afternoon Peter (from the Asda while waiting for a bus)

Peter Alfrey said...

Cheers Arjun. Will let the recorder know