Thursday, 11 October 2012

Day Five: Corvo 2012 so far.......

Wood Trush in Fojo found by Darryl Spittle (Vincent Legrand)
Magnolia Warbler in Da Ponte found by Gordon Beck (Vincent Legrand)
Northern Waterthrush near Pico found by Vincent Legrand and David Monticelli (Vincent Legrand)
Red-eyed Vireo- Up to five birds on the island (Vincent Legrand)
Indigo Bunting- 3-4 birds on the island (Vincent Legrand)
Cliff Swallow- one of four on the island recently (Vincent Legrand)
Vincent Legrand Website and more Azores 2012 photos here:
An elusive Blackpoll Warbler was the only new bird of the day which eluded most of us. Therefore it was a rather quiet day on the bird front.
On the island life front it was rather different with an attempted murder on the island last night resulting in a helicopter arriving in the early hours and four hot fuzz arriving this morning from Flores to arrest the villain. The doctor had a busy day as yesterday afternoon he was sowing up a birder (Hannu) who had cut open his leg while looking for the Magnolia Warbler. Darryl has injured himself today in action while working a valley and we also have a previous banned birder behind enemy lines who remains undetected so far......

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