Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Day 10: Knee capped

Cory's Shearwater 
SPEA monitoring the Cory's in the Sea bird compound. 10 young birds have been translocated to the new breeding compound.

Sea bird compound (EC LIFE Project)- a predator free area of slope with artificial nest sites for Shearwaters and Petrels. 
Third-winter Azores Gull
My knees have given up following 9 days of running up and down this volcano. I can barely walk so had to restrict my movements to around the village but got a chance to catch up with the SPEA people.
I had no chance of seeing the Parula and Common Yellowthroat at the top of Lapa and I couldn't even make it outside the guesthouse for a Canada Goose onto my Azores list. Bosse had a Ring Ouzel today as an Azores tick so we are both neck and neck again on the Azores listing chart.
There are blokes in their 60s out here that are still going and showing me up :-)- I am going to have to train for next year.