Sunday, 21 October 2012

Day 13: Last Day

Barnacle Goose at Vila Campo do Franca  
Corvo birders (above and below)
Vince and Josh
Last day on the Azores and we left Corvo on the 2pm flight to arrive on Sao Miguel with enough time to try and twitch the Willet. Not only did we dip the Willet but we also heard news of a Caspian Plover being found on the mountain on Corvo. Next morning as we got off the plane at Gatwick we got news of a Prairie Warbler at the Lighthouse Valley in Corvo- a first for the WP.
So basically about the worse end to a great trip that can be imagined :-) (Did get another Azores tick- Barnacle Goose).  
Still brilliant trip and brilliant company- a great team with exceptional birding and photography skills
Now.... back to Beddington.

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