Sunday, 14 October 2012

Day 8: Dickcissel

Dickcissel, Middle Fields (above and below) 

Tennessee Warbler also in Middle Fields 
Two Indigo Bunting, Middle Fields 
Vincent, Josh and Jens legging it for the Dickcissel 
Markku legging it 

Started the day off at the reservoir in the fog. The Solitary Sand was still up there but couldn't see much else apart from a few White-rumps. Our fog trawling was brought to an abrupt end with the news of a Dickcissel in the village so we ran down the mountain back to the village.
Spent the rest of the day looking around the fields and luckily I didn't need to twitch the Philly Vireo that Pierre found at Da Ponte. The Tennessee was located later in the afternoon which gave Darryl the run around who had gone up for the Philly and after marching to the top of the hill had to march straight back down again. When he finally arrived at the twitch the bird flew off just before he got onto it which resulting in Darryl dropping the biggest 'C' bomb ever dropped in the WP.

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Sam Woods said...

Sounds like this is a set to be a classic year in the Azores, perhaps only comparable with your first epic year on Corvo?

Peter Alfrey said...

Certainly the best year for megas.