Monday, 8 October 2012

Day Two, Arrival on Corvo

Northern Waterthrush, Camp Site 
Cliff Swallow, one of four birds
Spent the morning killing time on Sao Miguel before getting the 130pm flight to Corvo. As usual landing safely on the small airstrip was a welcomed surprise and on arrival we were greeted with news of Cliff Swallows and a Tree Swallow flying over the village cliffs. Within a few mintues we were watching four Cliff Swallows and four House Martins flying around together but unfortunately no sign of the Tree Swallow.
Darryl and I then popped into the only shop on the island to get some glue for Darryl's boot (which has split in half)  and a hair band for me as the strong westerlies keep blowing my hat off.
We spent the last hours of the day checking the upper fields and admiring the new sea bird compound that has been completed by SPEA.
On the way back to the guesthouse, in failing light, we came across a Finn pointing frantically at a puddle and then noticed a Northern Waterthrush bathing on the edge.  
Then to the Windmill for dinner and now still got to check the moth trap.
27 birders on the island today.

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Thanks for these reports from Azores Peter¡¡

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