Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Day 11: American Robin

A few photos from Vincent over the last few days. More photos here:
First-winter male Dickcissel
Female Northern Parula
Common Yellowthroat

Canada Goose
My legs are not working anymore so I spent the day in recovery in the guesthouse. Katt drove me to the local bar for lunch when news broke of an American Robin from the road between the power station and Lapa. Katt was up for the twitch so we arrived in style in a 4x4 and I managed to see the bird from the car window borrowing Christian's bins as mine were at the guesthouse.
We drove back down to the village when I got another text from Darryl telling me to get my (crippled) arse back up there as they had found a mystery american sparrow. I did my best to look for the bird but my knees weren't having any of it so I came back to the guesthouse. Luckily the sparrow was a Lincoln's- a species I had seen before on Corvo.
Hoping I can walk again tomorrow! Photos of Robin tomorrow.

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