Saturday 6 July 2024

Western Australia, Days Eleven and Twelve, Dryandra Woodland

Spent the last couple of days on a family Australia safari based at Lions Dryandra Woodlands Village. The main target was the iconic Numbat which frequents the woodland but unfortunately despite five or six hours of game driving through the woods (the limit of Jacob's patience) we failed to find one (not the best time of year). However the supporting cast of Australian mammals was equally impressive and we have a good excuse to come back to Western Australia in the future (August to October is a better of year for mammals and also herps).

Also a few extra bird lifers. Updated Ebird trip report HERE. Now had over 100 lifers on this trip which is not bad as weaving the birding around a family holiday. 

Tomorrow Jacob and I head north to Broome for an outback adventure.   

Echidna- thrilled to see this iconic creature. 
Quenda (Southern Brown Bandicoot). We had about five of these. 
Common Bushtail Possum (above and below) - these were abundant in the woodland and we had them feeding on our porch too. Probably saw 30+ over our two nights on our night drives with the thermal.

Tammar Wallaby (I presume this species as the only Wallaby species I could find reported from this area) 
Woylie (Brush-tailed Bettong)- had four of these 
Tawny Frogmouth- picked up three of these in the thermal 
Bush Thick-knees
Rufous Treecreeper- abundant in the woodland 
Western Yellow Robin 
Red Wattlebird- these are everywhere but not easy to get a photo 
Western Grey Kangaroo in the clearing behind the village 
Our woodland retreat at the woodland village 

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