Tuesday 9 April 2024

Northern Drab- Moth lifer

Had a good moth night over the weekend at the rental with 21 species (the best night of the year).

Highlight was a Northern Drab- a moth lifer for me (my 981st moth species) which was identified by Martin Townend (Oxon CMR) after I posted an uncertain Orthosia sp to irecord. The same night I had Pinion-spotted Pug and Chamomile Shark with other supporting cast of Pine Beauty and Streamer so a really nice little catch. 

Garden moth year list now on 45 species. 

Northern Drab.  Comment from Martin: The big thorax, gun-barrel straight costa on very angulated FW make it opima. Seems to be having quite a good year
Pinion-spotted Pug
Chamomile Shark - only the second one I've had of these (close up of diagnostic wing-tip below, showing intrusion of black lines into the outer wing edge) 

Frosted Green - a nice fresh one 

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