Friday 26 April 2024

Disconnection from nature and connection to the hospital

It is a dangerous thing when a connection to nature is broken. Without a garden or a decent local patch and a long slow uninspiring Spring over the last few months, while waiting to move into our new house, I've let myself go a bit as a result of less exercise and activity. One portion of saveloy and chips for lunch followed by a doner kebab in the evening was all it took to get to the tipping point and I ended up with a stomach infection and in hospital for three days.   

Ending up in hospital is like going to hell before you actually get to hell, like a taster, especially in some NHS run hospitals. No better incentive than hospital food and people screaming, vomiting and shitting themselves all around you, to never ever ever get ill. 

So after my Scrooge Xmas Carol like experience I have committed to reform, a more healthy life style, especially diet and will throw myself into our new project, when we move ,with even more vigour and drive (provided by some fresh hell fear!).

Anyway that's why not much to report on this blog but off to Azerbaijan tomorrow (in knee high compression socks prescribed by my doctor) for vagrant hunting and spring birding on the Caspian sea , so stay tuned. 


Ken Noble said...

Sorry to hear of your travails. I suspect that the NHS treated you better than you would have got in some of the countries you visit. Hope you stay well!!

Peter Alfrey said...

Thanks Ken. Yes the doctors and nurses were great, it was all the sick people.