Saturday 13 April 2024

Easter Week Two- Trip to Devon

Just back from a cracking few days in Devon visiting Jaffa and one of Jacob's friends. We stayed in a really cool log cabin at Clifford Park Bridge and did some moth trapping every night there (three nights) which yielded a few moth lifers. On Thursday we visited Pennywell Farm with the kids and on Friday met up with Jaffa and explored the Lower Otter Restoration Project (LORP) and twitched the local Beavers in the evening. 

Meanwhile over at Beddington, Mark Bravery found the first Woodchat Shrike for the site, which was a bit gripping! 

Male Goosander on the River behind the cabin- also had Mandarin and Dipper on the river 
Little Ringed Plover- on the newly created LORP habitat. Also had a few other summer migrants including Willow Warbler, Barn Swallows, Blackcaps, Sandwich Tern and Whimbrel.  
Eurasian Beaver on the Otter (an old male locally known as Gordon) 
Grey Birch-lifer
Early Tooth-stripe- lifer
I presume an Oak Nycteoline although I thought it might be a Semioscopis sp when I first saw it 
Marbled Pug- lifer
Water Carpet- lifer 
Great Prominent- several of these. Also had a few other nice moths including Scalloped Hook-tip, Lunar Marbled Browns, Lesser Swallow Prominents and Engrailed. 
Frosted Green
Birch Tortrix, Epinotia immundana (I think) 
Our log cabin at Clifford Bridge Park 
The River Teign behind our cabin
The Lower Otter Restoration Project has developed a lot since we visited last year with the breach now creating estuary mud flats 

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