Sunday 12 November 2023

The Old Vic update

Last update I did from the Old Vic was on 21st October, since then I've either been on Corvo or since getting back catching up with work and doing the post trip write ups etc. I did my first Ebird list this morning in a while HERE which is one of my best days garden birding with nearly 1000 individuals of 34 species including a garden tick- a Merlin that presumably has strayed from the nearby airfield where I've seen them several times before. Woodpigeons and Stock Doves were on the move as were Redwings and Fieldfares and there was also a flock of Siskin and a couple of Redpoll. 

Other news from here is that in preparation to move we have re-homed the chickens with Isaac's child minder and if all goes to plan we should be moving out of here in early December and moving into a temporary rental property in Brill, a hilltop location where I've done some vis-migging from in the past. Longer term we have found a homestead on the Selsey Peninsula which if all goes well we should be ready to move into during the Spring. Fingers crossed! If it actually comes off it will be brilliant but this whole thing has been a rollercoaster ride with lots of ups and downs and twists and turns so will hope for the best and hang on.  

I've had the moth trap out a couple of times but literally nothing during these cold and wet nights that I've come back to. 

The logistics of moving our '100 species of pets' is dawning on me (or rather haunting me). We've lost control of the reef tank after taking our eye off the ball while travelling and had a tank crash (lost our three reef fish, the starfish and some corals) and now out of control algae which we can't get control of yet. A bit of a lesson in biochemistry and one we hope to crack this week.  

In the mini-farm I've been dismantling the chicken infrastructure and we harvested some brussel sprouts and cabbages this week too. All rather sad winding all this down but excited about starting again with all the lessons we've learnt in what we are optimistically and hopefully calling our 'forever' home in the Spring. 

Firework night. So finally looks like the night is falling on our time here and getting ready for the next adventure. 


wembley said...

Hope everything goes smoothly and that your new home is filled with happiness

Peter Alfrey said...

Thank you so much