Sunday 26 November 2023

Bulgaria Project Moths Update

 Latest update on this: the project moth list is now on 316 species I-Naturalist Project Here and thanks to Steve and the Bulgaria I-Naturalist Moth Group the highlights identified include the species below. These records have been selected for inclusion in a Data Paper for the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences so very pleased that the project is yielding regionally important moth records as we hoped.  

Candlestick Dart, Dichagyris candelisequa
Black and White Dart, Dichagyris melanura
Cervyna cervago
Willowherb Yellow Underwing, Epilecta linogrisea
Schmidt's Quaker, Dioszeghyana schmidtii 
Agrochola gratiosa
Agrochola nitida
Atethmia ambusta
Aegle kaekeritziana
Eublemma suava
Euclidia triquetra
Garella musculana 
The Uncertain, Hoplodrina octogenaria
Luperina rubella 
Langmaid's Yellow Underwing, Noctua janthina
Xestia cohaesa
Acronicta geographica 

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