Friday 7 October 2022

Day in Kent - Red-footed Falcon

Did a day in Kent yesterday. 80 species in total. Started off for the rising tide at Oare Marshes, then after lunch went to Shellness, then Elmley and then Tankerton in the evening met up with ex-Beddington birder Andy Taylor on a moth twitch. Oare Marshes full Ebird list HERE

Juvenile Red-footed Falcon at Elmley. As I was in the area was nice to pop into Elmley to twitch this Red-foot, a plumage tick and rather educational too as from a distance in certain lights I could well have passed it off as a hovering Kestrel and briefly at distance while in travelling flight also could have been passed off as a juvenile Hobby. Good to study it as it moved across different lights, backgrounds and distances.
Update 141022: A retrospective Purple Heron at Oare Marshes- I took some record shots of a distant heron which looked like a Purple but forgot to check the photos until I noticed that there had been a Purple Heron in the area which reminded me to re-look at my photos. Looks like one to me.
Female Marsh Harrier, Oare
The Bearded Tits at Oare were doing that thing where they fly high out of the reed beds in flocks calling and then come back down again. Presumably getting ready to migrate/ disperse. Also had this partially leuctistic bird too HERE
Juvenile Little Stints at Oare
Up to 8 Cattle Egrets on the approach road at Elmley 
Fisher's Estuarine Moth- had about six of them on their food plant Hogs Fennel. A moth lifer (and my first real moth twitch)

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