Sunday, 14 March 2021

Otmoor- Glossy Ibis

Quite an exciting day today- I got scorned by a posh woman, got my van stuck in the mud and saw a Glossy Ibis at Otmoor (Oxon tick).  Ebird list HERE . Not too much change really since last week aside from the Ibis.

Glossy Ibis 
Dunlins and a Ruff, also Blackwits still. 

Marsh Harriers were performing nicely 


Leo said...

Nice pictures. I particularly enjoy tenuous identification of random stuff in corners of photos - so on that subject, is that a Little Gull hiding in the top right corner of the Dunlin and Ruff photo? Impossible to get scale but that looks like a rather dusky underwing....

Peter Alfrey said...

I couldn't decide what that was- I was leaning towards medium sized wader. There was a Grey Plover around not long ago. Might be over-exposed- so might be a Ruff without the central tail bar visible. I didn't think of Little Gull but yes could be- there was one at Otmoor a day or two earlier.