Wednesday 3 February 2021

Window-licking ticking

Back in London working at the moment. Was hoping to get over the farmlands but could only manage a few minutes at lunch and after work staring out the window over the farmlands. A very productive few minutes- I had the first-winter Iceland Gull flying round the incinerator and the White Stork was flying round too.

I put the moth trap at the window last night- had Beautiful Plume, another Spring Usher and an Acleris sp. 

Here's a post about the highlights I've had from the window over the years including a few local megas: HERE  

First-winter Iceland Gull 
The White Stork 
Beautiful Plume 
Another Spring Usher- been a good winter for these. A darkish specimen. The variation has been really interesting. SEE HERE
An Acleris sp I presume. Closest looking thing I could find was HERE but I think these are dissection jobs. Any id tips most welcome. The Beddington Farmlands moth year list is now on 6 species. 

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