Friday 5 August 2016

Birds from the window

*This post has been updated to include further window goodies since 2016.

Finding the White Stork recently from the obs window prompted me to reflect on the birds that I've found/ seen from the Obs window since I moved here in 2009. Here's a few (all pics taken from window- usually at distance hence the quality) :

 Juvenile Long-tailed Skua, a first for the farmlands 
Black Kite- found by Johnny, a first for the farmlands
 Common Crane, a first for the farmlands 
Another Common Crane found by Roger 
White Stork- the second record
Spoonbill over in April 2020 and a Marsh Harrier five minutes later 
White-tailed Eagle! 8th April 2021- found by Ian Jones. One of the Isle of Wight re-introduction birds.
 Turtle Dove
 Common Redstart
Black Redstart 
 Iceland Gull - seen up to five in the air at one time from the window including a Kumlien's! 
 Caspian Gull - lost count of these
 Glaucous Gull - had a few 
 Lapwings moving south in a cold spell- the obs is well handy for viewing hard weather movement (with a cup of coffee and in the warm)  
 Sandwich Terns
 Short-eared Owl- had a few of these, also had Marsh Harriers, obviously loads of Buzzards and Red Kites and best was a Honey Buzzard that Roger found and alerted me too
Black Terns, August 2016
 Oystercatcher, May 2012. Also had Avocet in 2019.
Male Pheasant feeding around the feeders in   2012
Marsh Harrier, November 2014 
 Get a couple a thousand of these flying past in the winter 
 Tree Sparrows on the obs feeders
The obs from the birds' eye view
The obs feeders

The birds have been great and had things at night too like calling Oystercatcher, Turnstone, Curlew, Barn Owls, Tawny Owls, night migration in late autumn etc. However the main new discoveries for Beddington Farmlands has been from the window moth trapping- will have to do a post soon on Highlights from the Bugry.  

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Peter Alfrey said...

ha! Still need to get a mega fly over passerine- need to sort out my sound approach