Tuesday 27 February 2018

The Beast from the East 3

So I must have spent a good four or five hours on watch from the obs window today and overall the conclusion is that most birds have decided to sit it out. I did have 2 Golden Plover, about 30 Lapwing, 15 Fieldfare and 1 Skylark moving west but certainly not a major escape movement.

Wanstead had nearly 300 Lapwing moving west and there were small groups of Lapwings over other parts of London with a few Golden Plovers.

The weather is set to last all week so it will be most surprising if over the next day or two things don't start moving more.

 Golden Plover including a partially summer plumaged bird. 
 Fieldfare moving west. Fieldfares have been very thin on the ground this year locally (only one or two sightings). There have been up to 200 Redwing in south east corner and I did start seeing a few more along the footpath indicating return passage (before the weather turned). 
 A very distant flock of Lapwing moving in the blizzard 
 Collared Dove and Blackbird in the snow. The Blackbird was feeding on the Rowan and the Pyracantha that I planted - so good to see the planting for winter food working 

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