Monday 5 February 2018

Port Meadow

Spent the weekend at Holly's in Oxford. Thought I'd check out some local birding sites so visited Port Meadow BLOG HERE. An impressive site with a large area  of flooded grassland. By the sounds of it the field dries out in the summer so its mainly a winter and spring birding area. Good numbers of wildfowl there including Teal, Wigeon and Pintail with Peregrine and Red Kites patrolling. Goosander roost there and there's also a flock of feral geese- which were nowhere to be seen today. 
Certainly worth keeping an eye on the area especially when waders are on the move. 

 Red Kite and Lapwings 
 Wigeon and Teal avoiding a Peregrine 
 A decent bit of wetland- looking forward to check out the area in spring during wader passage 
 View looking north 
 View from the Thames (in foreground) 
Treecreeper in the Worminghall Churchyard (no Hawfinches unfortunately). Presumably the same bird I saw in the Old Vicarage garden a couple of weeks ago.

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