Tuesday 25 May 2010

Great news

A couple of fascinating birding discoveries/developments recently:
Shirihai's ultimate WP pelagics off Madeira and some photographs of a mystery pterodroma:

The discovery of Honey Buzzards over central London from Tower 42

and now remote tracking is possible on small birds like Swifts!
Check out Yoav's blog (on my blog list below) for more.

I am off to the Azores on Friday looking for seabirds- hoping for some pterodroma action.


Graham James said...

Good luck with your trip Peter. Look forward to seeing the photos on your blog.

wolfy said...

oh lucky you! off to the Azores again! Bring back lots of pictures!

Peter Alfrey said...

Thank you. Off to my foreign patch. I hope I will have something interesting to write up :-)