Friday 28 May 2010

THE AZORES- Mini Spring Trip 2010

In transit to Graciosa at the moment via the Cabo da Praia quarry on Terceira island. The 'resident' Semipalmated Plover (pic 1) and presumably last autumn's White-winged Tern (pic 2) were still present. The White-winged Tern dissappered for a while but returned for some reason.
The Azores do have a tendancy to hold vagrants. Becuase the birds are inevitably so far out of range a few individuals 'decide' they were lucky enough to get here in the first instance so 'decide' reluctantly or not at all to risk another journey. The White-winged Tern might have had a go but found it too difficult so reverse migrated back to somewhere it knew there was good feeding. I guess this is how these islands are colonized by birds in the first place. If these birds find a mate- it could be happy days with a new colonizing population starting up. Then over time (a lot of time) they begin to evolve in a new direction. That makes these birds inadvertent pioneers.

Also Roseate Tern in the harbour, 1st summer Great Black-backed Gull, good numbers of Kentish Plover in the quarry, two Sanderling, 1 Grey Plover and 6 Turnstone.

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