Saturday, 20 March 2010


We had 15+ Sand Martins moving north this morning. My first summer migrants this year. There were a couple of Wheatears in the week and yesterday evening I had a Ringed Plover flying around so I guess that spring migration is here- so let the games begin.


john said...

We will see our first Sand Martins,(Bank Swallows), in another two months up in our neck of the woods.

Unknown said...

We have had three Sand Martins today at Par plus one Swallow. See
Good luck with the project.

Unknown said...
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Peter Alfrey said...

Well they are on the way John.
With regards to our Sand Martins, I was in Spain about a month ago- Swallows and House Martins had reached there by mid February. Interestingly I didnt see Sand Martins there- maybe they have overtaken the Swallows and House Martins now.
We estimated they were travelling at about 25-30mph today.
Looks like late starters can easily catch up!