Monday, 15 March 2010

RSPB Visit- Beddington Farmlands

What a pleasant day- first bit of sun in a long time and ideal for the RSPB visit. Johnny and Derek did a superb presentation and this was followed by a walk around the site.
The RSPB fully support the vision of a major urban nature reserve and pointed out that this area is the last chance of establishing an important wildlife and conservation resource for South London. They agreed to support the project and offer advise and help throughout its development. A very good day!


Graham James said...

Superb Peter, just the news we all wanted to hear. Hopefully this will help to ease the way forward and take the pressure off the Beddington birders.

Peter Alfrey said...

Yes, it is very positive. They said they couldn't manage the site completely but could offer an advisory and support role- which is great. Will be a great help.

Lee Dingain said...

Great news Pete! Glad the meeting went well and the response was so positive.

Chris Townend (aka Jaffa) said...

Nice one Pete - Let's hope it is the start of things to come. Well done on your never give up attitude!

Peter Alfrey said...

Never give up- I aint even started yet:-))Seriously.

Malcolm Riddler said...

Hi Peter

That's encouraging news...

I can remember back to the mid 90's when the RSPB had an opportunity to secure the site then. But for one reason or another... (Money / Politics) The route of all evil!
The RSPB Wouldn't, Couldn't, Didn't.

I remember well Derek's disappointment at the time.

We need a Flagship nature reserve this side of London. It is of paramount importance.


Peter Alfrey said...

Yes, last time we asked the RSPB for help the response was different.
Since then the WWT have demonstrated the critical importance of Urban Nature Reserves with the incredible success of the London Wetland Centre.
South London needs a major reserve (Barnes in the West, Rainham in the East so far).
Anyone interested in bird conservation will clearly see the importance of creating a major reserve that will connect the diverse population of South London directly to nature-there is unrivalled educational potential here and for conservation bodies- unrivalled member recruitment potential.