Thursday, 18 March 2010


Just got back from the local community council meeting. OMG- council meetings are soooooooooooooo boring. Helen, the HCAG chairperson got up and suggested that next time someone sings a song to liven it up- I can't wait to see that!!

Also another article by Leanne in the Local Guardian (pic). She in traditional press fashion twisted everything I said to give it a negative slant- which you got to love. That's why the readership of papers is declining- continual negativity leads to apathy and then people cant be bothered to read anything. To be fair she put a few positive bits (click on to read).


Graham James said...

Looking past the sensationalist headline, the article is pretty positive Peter.

Peter Alfrey said...
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Peter Alfrey said...

Yes I agree but the headline is important (most people wont get past it).
Sensationalism is important in popular journalism but I prefer positive sensationalism-(or at least a good balance)
How about something simple along the lines of
and then concentrate on the carnivals, wildlife stuff, talent events etc.
I only mentioned the problem solving element in passing- and the editor has jumped on it- but its not my newspaper.