Sunday, 17 September 2017

Day out with boys and a new toy

Finally upgraded my camera to a Canon 7D mark 2 (thanks to Lee Dingain) and went out yesterday with the boys to try it out. First went to Oare Marshes and then Beddington in the afternoon. 

 Jacob and Sid outside the farmlands 
 Osprey distantly over Sheppey from Oare. 
 Juvenile/first winter Common Gull (top right) and juvenile/first winter Mediterranean following
 Redshank in flight- this is what I was hoping would be more achievable with the mark 2- more rapid focusing and faster shutter speeds. 
 Sea Aster flowering in Oare Creek  
 Male Stonechat at Beddington- the first of the autumn 
 Blackcap male taken from about 30 meters away- mark 2 looks sharper
Red Underwing- the highlight of the Beddington trap in last week or so. Species diversity is reducing with the trap dominated by Square-spot Rustic, Pale Mottled Willow, Willow Beauty, Garden Carpet, Lesser Yellow Underwing and Setaceous Hebrew Character. 

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