Monday, 18 September 2017

Chats, Chiffs and Sallows

Roger found a mystery crake this morning at the farmlands (probably a Spotted) so I popped over the farmlands for a  quick look. I had a crake like bird moving around the reeds where Roger had the bird this morning but just shape and movement. 

Nearby there were three Stonechats and two Whinchats, seven Snipe were flying around and there were at least ten Chiffchaff by the gate including a tristis-like bird. 

An Orange Sallow in the moth trap last night was the first I've had in a few years. 

With Sallow moths appearing and Stonechats coming in- it's feeling like mid-autumn. 

 Juvenile Stonechat 
 Male Stonechat 
 Tristis-like Chiffchaff 
Orange Sallow 

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