Friday, 1 July 2016

Tales from the Bugry

 Acrobasis repandana- a new one for the site. The Knot horns (part of Pyralidae) are a great little group. 
 I don't recognise this one- have sent to Surrey moths. (It's an Ephestia Unicolorella- I see these often, this one must be brighter than normal) 
 Acleris forskaleana- one of my favourite Tortrix moths, the delicate lattice pattern is stunning  
 The first Marbled Beauty for the year- the icing like lustre on this beauty is literally marbled beauty
 Cochylis hybridella- the tornal angle (the bulge in the wing), posterior crest and and distinctive palps are striking in this group
  Female Stag Beetle- landed on my car a couple of nights ago 
Bordered Pug- a new for the year 
Stock Doves have been visiting the obs lawn recently. Had one of the local Barn Owls from the window the overnight too. Getting the odd Buzzard, Red Kite and Peregrine view-able from the Bugry window and Green Sandpiper and Cetti's Warbler calling at night.  

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