Thursday, 7 July 2016

Herping etc, Bulgaria day 2

Today (7th July) started off with a look round the monastery (an excellent bit of woodland) and then over to Hadzhidimitrovo lakes with Dylan and Anton for some herping, then haircuts, then shopping in Kazanlak (tried to get my broken moth trap fixed) and spent the evening doing some dusking for owls and a bit of night herping.

European Pond Turtle 
Smooth Snake (male) 
Pool Frog

Spotted Flycatcher at the monastery (Previously). 
Female Ficedula flycatcher- the lesser covert bar and the large white primary base patch suggests it's either a Semi-collared or a Collared Flycatcher 
This newly fledged juvenile Ficedula flycatcher is interesting- presumably the massive primary patch has something to do with the greater coverts still growing. 

Sunflowers- one of the main crops in the local agricultural area

Always stunned by the Shipka Monastery

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