Friday, 8 July 2016

Survey Day- Bulgaria day 3

Spent this morning doing a bug survey at the Polyculture Market Garden (Site B) as a follow up to one in April HERE. We basically had a look at the entomological communities in two different types of polyculture bed, a traditional organic bed, a comfrey bed and a set aside area. 

With a group of over 10 of us it didn't take long to collect the specimens and photo record them. It's not possible to identify most of them to species level (need a Balkan entomologist) so we're getting them down to the smallest taxon level we can- which provides useful insights (which can be expanded on later with the correct expertise). 

In the afternoon we did a bit of birding at the nearby lakes- Woodchat and Red-backed Shrike, Black-headed Buntings, family parties of Black-headed Wagtails, newly fledged Wheatears, Great Reed Warbler, Stonechat, groups of White Storks in the fields and a Black Stork over. 

 Sand Lizard
 Juvenile Black-headed Wagtail 

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