Sunday, 24 July 2016

Sid Day

Started off at Queen Mary's Woodland practising with the GPS and then over the farmlands where we bumped into Mike and Co. Then back to the obs for identifying what we collected and ended up watching the 72 most dangerous animals in Australia on the Netflixs.

The sacrificial crop on the north mound is coming through. The blue flowering plant is Linseed. 
The incinerator (the gulls death star). Considering that Herring Gulls are red listed the closing of the landfill site poses a rather bizarre conservation question? 
Catoptria falsella
Bud Moth?
Pale Prominent 
Common Darter
 Short-winged Conehead? 
Long-winged Conehead?
The final stage of landfill and unfortunately one which involves the filling of the famous enclosed lagoons which have attracted Beddington classics such as the 1984 Lesser Yellowlegs and various Pectoral Sandpipers and countless other waders including flocks of up to 38 Greenshank, 10 Wood Sandpipers and 30+ Little Stints. 
The last of the enclosed beds- scheduled to be drained within two years. Hopefully the  new wet grassland habitat will be created before we loose the last remaining wetland areas 
Six-spot Burnet

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