Monday, 4 July 2016

Juvenile Starlings, moths, a bee and a deadly mystery

 Nice to see the flock of juvenile Starlings raid the obs garden yesterday
 Lesser Spotted Pinion- only the second or third local record
 Lychnis- a first for the farmlands  (right) and Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing (left)
 Dwarf Cream Wave- the interesting moth evenings continue. Over 100 different species in last week or two. 
Wool Carder Bee- in Gillian's Garden. A couple of distinctive bee species in the wildlife garden there that I don't see elsewhere in the recording area- the Wool Carder and also the Common Mourning Bee SEE HERE. Both have distinctive spots on the abdomen. 

 Juvenile Crossbill- found dead by Pooran at Bedzed. A very rare local bird- mainly seen this time of year flying over. 
There's been a cluster of dead birds around the lakes in recent days. The Viridor workers have reported 20+ dead Canada Geese and also other dead birds. Most intriguing was this corpse- not entirely sure what is (was)? Also not sure what is killing all these bird. Could be a disease or maybe we have a hunting or even a predator problem? 

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