Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Back to Bulgaria

Back to Bulgaria and the Balkan Ecology Project for the next week. PREVIOUSLY IN BULGARIA
Spent today having a look west of the village, a bit round the garden and the evening on the Shipka birding road.

As usual the abundance of wildlife is staggering; Turtle Doves, Cuckoos, Corn Buntings, Skylarks, Tree Sparrows, Red-backed Shrikes, Golden Orioles, Hoopoes, Black-headed Buntings, Quails, Hawfinches, Syrian Woodpeckers, Black-headed Wagtails, Tawny Pipits, Crested Larks,  Isabelline Wheatears, Red-rumped Swallows, Alpine Swifts, Long-legged Buzzards and an abundance of butterflies, insects, wildflowers, lizards, snakes, hares and Sousliks all within walking distance of the house. 

Here's a few photos from today:

 Red-backed Shrike
 Tawny Pipit
 House Martins 
 Isabelline Wheatear (with some missing feathers) 
 Juvenile Red-backed Shrike 
 Ex-communist factory- 1000+ House Martin colony based here now 
 Steppe Habitat in the Valley of the Roses- Salvias, Mullein, Corn Marigolds and Corncockles in the foreground 
 I like it here
 Smooth Snake (female) 
 Grass Snake (male) 

Beautiful Demoseille (male) 

Spurge Hawk Moth caterpillar

 Some insects to identify (any help much appreciated) 


Benoit said...

The butterflies could be Purple-edged Copper ( Lycaena hippothoe ) and the caterpillar looks like Hyles euphorbiae.


Peter Alfrey said...

Thanks Benoit! Agree on the Spurge Hawkmoth and definitely one of the Coppers.
I came up with these suggestions for some of the butterflies too ?? :