Monday, 11 July 2016

Extreme Herping and the last couple of days- Bulgaria days 5 and 6

Spent yesterday doing a Bioblitz on the new land, exploring the valley past the monastery and also on some herping trips with Dylan and Anton. It's been hectic! No time to write much as usual so here's a few pics and videos: 
Little Bittern at Sheynovo Lake

Bioblitzing the new land. We bought 6 acres of foothill habitat last year and intend to develop it into nature reserve/ ecological farming areas. Had a bit of a look round today, we've got Tree Sparrows, Cirl Buntings, Yellowhammers, Turtle Doves. Cuckoos, Red-backed Shrikes, Black-headed Buntings, Short-toed Eagle and Long-legged Buzzards overhead! Probably won't need to do much apart from control some invasives and keep some paths and tracks open. 
 We've found nearly 200 species in the new plot so far.
The eco-farmers had a forest party- the birders/herpers ate and went back to base to sort out the days photos/ids.
Silver-washed Frits- the valley along the monastery is amazing for butterflies (see post below) 

Grass Snakes- one of the snakes was 110cm (about 140cm is maximum size of a Grass Snake)



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