Monday 4 March 2024

From the archives- Uganda 2019 update


I'm still going at this, (cleaning up my archives and world list). Latest progress has been going through photos from Uganda and uploading them on to an Ebird trip report. Following a few splits, I make my World List 3203. My aim is to get to 5000 (about half of the world's birds with a focus on iconic bird species and trips focused around iconic wildlife and family suitable trips). Haven't done a big trip since West Papua in 2022 but got Western Australia coming up this year which should be a good haul of ticks. Also I wouldn't mind cleaning up the Western Palearctic list (aka False WP) as that is the biogeographical zone I live in,  so far I've seen 944 of 1067 species - so basically 95% already, so I guess my birding listing goal is to see 100% of WP species (extinct ones aside) and 50% of the World's birds.  

Photos: HERE

Updated Ebird trip report by Graeme Spinks : HERE and full Wise Birding trip report: HERE

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