Monday 18 March 2024

Early Oak Gall Moth Lifer

I put out the new MOL lure yesterday in the warm afternoon conditions and within a few minutes got the target species this time of year, Early Oak Gall Moth. My first moth lifer of the year in the UK. 

The new rental moth list is now on 28 with a few more early Spring additions.  About 40 individual moths today mainly Hebrew Character and Common and Small Quaker. 

Early Oak Gall Moth Pammene giganteana
Tawny Pinion (above) and Pale Pinion (below)- typical early spring additions to the new garden moth list. We are only here until early June so it will be interesting to see what we can get in that time.
Pale Pinion
Herald- this was a bit of a surprise 
Narrow-winged Grey I presume although in this resting posture I would have probably called this a Marsh Grey if it was summer 
Twin-spot Quaker
Early Reveller- a daily feature here unlike down the road at the Old Vicarage where they were pretty rare
March moth 
A bit of Clouded Drab variation (above and below) 

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