Monday 4 December 2023

Getting ready to move

If all goes to plan we will be moving out of the Old Vicarage and into temporary renting (before our move down to coastal Sussex) this weekend. One of the biggest challenges has been moving our mini-zoo which comprises up to 100 species of animals and plants including a Panther Chameleon, Leopard Gecko, an Asian Fawn Tarantula and a Malaysian Forest Scorpion in addition to hundreds of fish, crabs, snails, isopods, corals, conches and sea urchins living within a tropical swamp paludarium enclosure, tropical forest tanks and a nano-coral reef tank.

Not an easy task but making progress and breaking things up into smaller tanks that we can move while maintaining the necessary conditions that they all need. As we have to do this twice (between the temporary rental and the permanent move) will probably maintain things in more mobile units and also gives a chance to re-set a few things.      

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