Monday 2 October 2023

Kamen Bryag Moths and Butterflies update

An excellent couple of weeks trapping at the project plot. A work in progress but here is the updated I-Naturalist project HERE. I've added over 230 records which are mostly single examples of the different species we had (was getting over 200 moths of 50 or so species a night). The project moth list is now over 300 species and hopefully there will  be some rare ones in there yet to identify. Thanks again to Stephen & Co from the Bulgarian moth I-naturalist community for all the invaluable help in getting these identified. 

Here's a selection of some of the species we had.  A mix of the familiar from back home, particularly migrant species and plenty of new ones. The main focus here is on migration (birds and leps) and not sure on what are considered migrant moth species in the region. Plenty of Scarce Bordered Straws, Silver-Ys, Rush Veneers, some Rusty-dot Pearls and Diamond-back moths, Convolvulus Hawks, lots of Small Mottled Willows, single Beautiful Marbled, Scarce Oak Knot-horns and other species we consider as migrants in the UK. The full species list can be found on the I-Naturalist Project HERE

Scarce Copper 
Porter's Rustic 031023 update- confirmed as Athetis lepigone, 
Scarce Oak Knot-horn
Luperina rubella. The first records for the Bulgaria I-Nat project. Our Cervyna cervago from earlier in the week was also a first for the national project. 
Willowherb Yellow Underwing, Epilecta linogrisea
The Passenger

Great Dart 
Agate Knot-horn 

Scarce Bordered Straw- lots of these and during the day too (see video below) 
Alchymist - update 061023- this might be a Sorcerer- waiting for a consensus 161023- seems like the vote is for a Sorcerer on this. Sorcerer is similar to the Alchymist but generally is smaller with a more brown hue 
Mompha sp?
Centre-barred Sallow- the Bulgarian variant 
Dark Spinach
Triodia amasinus- seems to be a variable species (see below) 
European Praying Mantis 051023 update-nope this is Male Ameles heldreichi (Thanks Teodor!) 
Eupithecia variostrigata
Dewick's Plusia 
Long-legged China Mark (above and below) 

Ethmia fumidella- gorgeous
Old World Webworm,  I think- if so nice to get in on this influx going on in the UK at the moment- sort of
Atethmia ambusta
Triodia amasinus
A huge Caddis

Two-lines- stunner! 
Small Mottled Willow- lots of these daily 

Ecpyrrhorrhoe rubiginalis
Euxoa temera
Gymnancyla hornigii
Spotted Clover
Beautiful Marbled 
Luperina rubella
Dumeril's Rustic 
Cosmopolitan? 031023 update- nope this is Mythinma riparia
Purple Bar

Clancy's Rustic
Eastern Nycteoline. Update 031023- nope this is Garella musculana
Dysauxes famula- lots of these particularly at the beginning of the trip
The Kamen Bryag egg trays- a great selection of moths 

Scarce Bordered Straws and Silver-Ys at Cape Kaliakra 

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