Wednesday 27 September 2023

Bulgaria Days Ten and Eleven

There's a strong north east wind been blowing for the last two days in Kamen Bryag which seems to have put the kybosh on migration. Seems to be good numbers of Little and Black-headed Gulls moving along the coast but otherwise it seems very quiet.

We had a Caspian Whip Snake freshly dead on the road near by and a few days ago we had two Spur-thighed Tortoises behind the plot. Arjun had a probable Grass Snake on the plot too and there's been some young lizards around which are either Eastern Green or Balkan Green Lizard. Also been a couple of Green Toads in the evening. 

The moth trap was also much quieter last night. 

Just one or two new trip species Live Trip Report HERE

Med and Little Gulls and Whiskered and Sandwich Tern hunkering down at Shabla Tusla 
Black-headed Gulls migrating in the winds
Northern Wheatear trying to not get blown away 
A Mistle Thrush on the plot was the bird of the day and a new species for the local hotspot 
View over the wind swept coastline 

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