Friday 22 September 2023

Bulgaria Day Six

Today was a work day but still managed to add a few species to the trip list here including Pallid Swift over Kavarna, Barred Warbler alongside the road and a Calandra Lark over the village.

Highlight of the day was getting the plot pond dug out with the help of a local excavator and contractor. We also managed to do the hay cut on the meadow and need to do a few hours work tomorrow to strim the vineyard. 

Still a few Red-breasted Flycatchers around but certainly not as many as when we first arrived
Roe Deers at dusk
A couple of distinctive moths (above and below) that will have to wait until I get back to identify (although Obsidentify suggests Epilecta linogrisea  for the one above and the bottom one looks like a Ruddy Carpet). Also had 8 Convolvulus Hawkmoth feeding on the nicotiana along the road to Tango this evening

The moth trap before the hay cut
After the hay cut 
The pond ! Can't wait to get this finished. We've had delays from the local water company in getting water to the site so will need to finish this off next year

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