Monday 27 March 2023

Otmoor RSPB

Took the R7 out to Otmoor today to give it a spin (photo and video results below- seems like it's a much better camera than the 7D mark 2 even when using my old battered up lenses). Ebird list here. Highlights included Sand Martin, displaying waders and what I presume was a Grass Snake mating frenzy. 

Tufted Ducks 
Reed Bunting 

Western Grass Snakes (Comment from Anton: Yes, that is exactly mating behavior. The big one you see is a female. Could've also been simply a group of males sunning together for optimized sunlight intake, however if that were the case most would've been stationary. In this case it is quite the opposite, they're all moving around in a deliberate manner while intently smelling each other to identify the female. Really cool observation!) 

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