Thursday 23 March 2023

A few sounds from Azerbaijan

A few sounds from our recent trip.  Full trip report here

Calandra Larks, a flock of birds taking off and flying over, mainly contact calls 
Turkestan Short-toed Lark (formerly known as Lesser Short-toed Lark which has now been split into Turkestan and Mediterranean Short-toed Lark). Flight call, flying low
Moustached Warbler. The distinctive long drawn out notes at the beginning of the song is something to listen out for (above). A longer section (below) might go un-noticed in a UK context amongst singing Reed and Sedge Warblers? Those long notes (almost Nightingale like) are something to listen out for of any odd sounding acro. Also seems to be a bit of mimicry in there (I can here Great Reed Warbler)
A pair of Ruddy Shelducks 'migrating' over Shirvan, these two were high up and going north but not sure if they were actually migrating as there were over 700 birds in the area coming into roost every evening . Presumably male and female calls. Also Skylark calling. 
The huge flocks of Starlings on the Shirvan Steppe were characteristic of the area. They move through the Steppe like locust- here's a group passing by infront of the recorder leaving behind the background noise of Calandra Larks and Skylarks  

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